Owing to the event of the technology, additionally because the nice invention within the advanced technology, there square measure an outsized variety of merchandise created on the market currently. However, what’s the simplest embroidery machines among those?. Let’s notice the solution along through the subsequent article. once review our article, we tend to make certain that every of you’ll be able to take into account rigorously additionally as notice the great whole for taking your product.


Brother BM2600 home appliance with improved engineering and attention-getting style will sew twenty five totally different lines. it’ll assist you sew the stunning garments for the complete family. Brother BN-2600 will sew straightforward reasonably straight thread with the zigzag stitches and different decorating thread line. Besides, you’ll be able to modify the length and breadth of the thread line simply to make many various patterns. Double needle stitching functions (2 needles, a pair of threads) unambiguously created the 2 parallel lines with multiple colours. additionally, the merchandise additionally integrates light-emitting diode light-weight which will illuminate a neighborhood just in case of there’s not enough light-weight for users . As consequences, the machine is sort of convenient for patrons to figure within the poor conditions, additionally as provide you with a a lot of correct operation. There’s additionally owns a contemporary style that’s very elegant and compact. Clean white tones with motifs of cherry pink can fully intensify a lot of for your home house.

Brother home appliance BM-2600


The sewing machine structure

Parts of the stitching machine are: the holding axis and winder, the spool shaft for hold thread , the breadth adjusting button, or adjusting the strain, thread cutting button, half that support thread golf shot quicker , the clear Installation, button for length adjustment, screws adjusting buttons, the machine’s power switch / stitching lights, sockets pedals, pedals…


The device includes twenty five sample lines: stitching Brother BM-2600 includes twenty five sample lines obtainable, that may be a favorable issue to stitch the zigzag pattern, blind hem, triangle, feather. additionally, you’ll be able to modify the length and breadth of sew to make many various patterns. Double needle stitching functions (2 needles, a pair of threads ) will unambiguously produce 2 parallel lines with the various colours.


The basic thread kind

Propellers is simply replaced: The mechanical device is simply removable, thus you’ll be able to amendment differing types of mechanical device as stitching mechanical device, mechanical device hooked up lace . It depends on your demand. The amendment of propellers simply assist you sew, or attach lace, the button on a similar product.

The possibility to stitch on several fabrics: The machine will sew on a spread of materials, together with radical-thick materials or ultra skinny like silk materials, chiffon …

The support from light-emitting diode light-weight: The absolutely integrated light-emitting diode light is capable of brightening the stitching space, thus you’ll be able to use light-weights in low light conditions. this may assist you manipulate the method accurately , quick and make the extraordinarily stunning merchandise.

Tool kit Detachable: a part of machine box simply removable, you’ll be able to move the machine from the surface into a linear axis to make house stitching sleeves and pant legs, assembly sleeve …

The detachable tool box

The most outstanding on the merchandise is that the chest is detachable which will hardly be seen at any product. . additionally, we are able to not miss the versatile pedal. The machine uses pedal that aims at adjusting the quick or slow speed. The special motor while not noise doesn’t have an effect on the opposite activities within the family.

The compact style: stitching Brother BM-2600 with the compact design, is able to move from location to location terribly simply. additionally, the merchandise is additionally put in with the mandatory accessories to mix with zipper, or create buttons and bear buttons …


Note: select the proper size consistent with the rules on the needle. must you use slightly below and simply on top of (just over). continuously use the stitching needle with nylon 90/14.

The digital statistics

Category: stitching Machines

Power: eighty W

The sample lines: twenty five samples

Color :White

The product’s value has enclosed the VAT, with 12- month guarantee.

Made in China

Shipping Weight (gram) 5000

Dimensions: change

Material: Plastic

The twelve month- guarantee amount